Hi everybody!  I’m Austin Sherron, and I’m the AAA chair in ICSSC this year.  I’ll be a third year CS major this year, and I’m planning to revitalize the AAA committee this school year.

So what is AAA?  AAA is the committee charged with bridging the divide between the ICS student body, ICS faculty (professors, lecturers, administrators, etc.), and ICS alumni.  It’s up to the members of the AAA committee—with the assistance of committees within ICSSC and groups external to ICSSC—to connect students and faculty socially, academically, and professionally.

The opportunities that AAA strives to provide students aren’t, however, arbitrary: one of the most important responsibilities of AAA revolves around student interaction.  AAA is not only responsible for ensuring mutually beneficial relations between students and faculty, but it is responsible for building the sort of relationships that students acknowledge as beneficial.  It is for this reason that AAA’s primary duty is to gauge the wants and needs of the student body, use this data to form action plans, and execute these plans with the primary intention encouraging cohesion between the ICS student body and faculty.

But enough with the boring stuff.  This year, my primary goal for me and my committee is to meet as many interesting people as possible–be they faculty, students, alumni, or Peter Anteater himself–and to end this year with lots of interesting stories and a sense that we accomplished something great.

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