Author - Adrian Mandee

Week 6 Blog Post

Hello everyone,

Week 6 is here! Are you all acing your midterms and/or studying hard for your upcoming ones? I hope everyone has been attending class and doing homework! I know I have been…haha *wink wink*. It’s scary to say that this is my last year of college; but, I feel as though I have gained the most experience during this time.

I am currently participating in Med AppJam, a 2-week app competition that collaboratively works with the different schools—Business, ICS, and Med. It’s been going well; my team is working really hard to develop the best medical app to take first place. I’m the software developer of my team, and I have to say that it’s pretty challenging to build on IOS. Regardless, I’m still having a ton of fun because …who doesn’t like a challenge?

Besides Med Appjam, I’ve been applying for jobs to gain more experience and to hopefully have a job after I graduate. The struggle is real. Since I am a BIM major, my technical background isn’t as strong as other students, but I’m working super hard to learn new languages and develop new projects !

That’s all for now, thanks for reading!

-Adrian Mandee

Student Events Chair

Adrian MandeeHi everyone,

My name is Adrian Mandee, I am a fourth year BIM major, and I will be your new ICS Student Council Student Events chair for the 2014-2015 year.

What is Student Events? Student events does a variety of different things, from planning socials to preparing for ICS events. Our goal is to connect the student body of ICS with ICS Student Council and have fun doing it. Being in Student Events you’ll be able to help out in booths, talk with students, and spread the word of all our events, socials, and meetings.