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ICSSC Vice-President

ICSSC Big Bear TripHello everyone! I am Dalton Kraatz, a 3rd year Computer Science major (specializing in both Algorithms and Information), and your 2015-2016 ICS Student Council Vice-President. I have been an active ICSSC member since about my 3rd week of freshman year. I regret not going sooner because I've made so many friends. I've been involved with Projects for a long time, but as a returning executive, I began to see value in each committee. I enjoy how strongly our groups discuss their work, and when new members join we all help them fit in. The same happened for me as a freshman. When I brought some of my classmates in, they too began to see why I love going to Student Council. (more…)

By Dalton Kraatz, ago
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The Week 8 Relive; A Day in the Life of a Treasurer

Wow… Eight weeks in… We get a half week (whether it is good or bad, that is up to you). Quarter is almost over... (That means finals… but also Winter Holiday!) Thanksgiving marks a 4-day weekend (and shopping sprees!)... Cyber Monday is right after… (Got to get those gaming computer parts super cheap!)   And looking back, we here at ICS have done so much!   As treasurer, I oversee a lot of fund movement. Though it seems that my job is easy, I’ve been working over the summer about our Fall events to ensure ICSSC’s perfectly planned. And I have to say, thus far, we've done pretty well. But this is where you (as someone involved, or wanting to get involved with ICS clubs) can take a good look at ICS through my eyes. (more…)

By Dalton Kraatz, ago