2015-16 Alumni Officers

2015-16 ICSSC President

Brandon HastingsHello ICS Students!

My name is Brandon Hastings and I am excited to serve as your 2015-16 ICS Student Council President. I’m a 4th year majoring in Business Information Management.

As President, my goal is to enrich the ICS Student Life — to be a memorable and rewarding experience of immerse opportunity, personal development and leadership.

This cannot be done alone, we need your help — so let’s make a difference, and join the ICS Student Council!


ICSSC Vice-President

ICSSC Big Bear TripHello everyone!

I am Dalton Kraatz, a 3rd year Computer Science major (specializing in both Algorithms and Information), and your 2015-2016 ICS Student Council Vice-President.

I have been an active ICSSC member since about my 3rd week of freshman year. I regret not going sooner because I’ve made so many friends. I’ve been involved with Projects for a long time, but as a returning executive, I began to see value in each committee. I enjoy how strongly our groups discuss their work, and when new members join we all help them fit in. The same happened for me as a freshman. When I brought some of my classmates in, they too began to see why I love going to Student Council. (more…)

ICSSC Treasurer

ryan-baldHello, my name is Ryan Bald and I will be the Treasurer for ICS Student Council this upcoming year. I am going into my third year at UCI and I am a Computer Science & Engineering major. As Treasurer of ICS Student Council, I will deal with the expenses of the club and advise my fellow executive officers on what to spend our money on.

Corporate Outreach Chair

karanHi! My name is Karan and I’m the Corporate Outreach Chair for the ICSSC this year! I’m a second year CS major and an international student from Hong Kong. It’s my job to figure out which companies we need to cultivate relationships with and go out and seek funding from. We have a wide array of events that we run and different companies have different goals for their outreach campaigns.

Feel free to or send me an email!


Academic and Administrative Affairs (AAA) Chair

Hey everyone! My name is Sophie Pebworth and I am your 2015-2016 AAA committee chair in ICSSC. I will be a second year Computer Science and Engineering major and a business minor. My role, and those of my committee members, is to address the needs and wants of the student body and to facilitate a meaningful connection between the students and the faculty. The AAA committee will cover a wide range of responsibilities and tasks, such as event promotion, faculty relationships, and addressing the specific concerns of the student body. My goal for me and my committee is that by the end of the year, we will have provided you an enriching, inspiring, and memorable year!

Student Events Chair

chan-wooMy name is Chan Woo Park, and I am the new Student Events Chair of ICS Student Council. I am a Sophomore majoring in Computer Science and Engineering. In the Student Events committee, people are expected to collaborate on preparing for hosted fairs, workshops, or socials, as well as plan for successful events in the future. Anybody is welcome to give personal feedback upon these events, and provide ideas for improvements!