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2016 ICSSC Officer Election Statements

Hello everyone!

Its that time of year again! Officer elections!

We’ve got some wonderful statements from all of the candidates. Please read on and get yourself further prepared for each candidate’s platform!

Jonnathan PetoteJonnathan Petote

Running for: President

Print (“Hello world, my name is Jonnathan Petote. I’m running to be President of the ICS Student Council (ICSSC). A little about myself, I am a transfer student from Miami, FL. I am the current Activities Coordinator for the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers as well as the Vice-Chair for the ICS Student Events committee. If elected President I would like to implement a new student program for incoming freshman and transfers. In the program we would help the new ICS students get up to speed with classes and overall pointers to being new UCI students. Also we would put them into a leadership position early on. In the program these members will put together an event of their choosing and receive mentorship from current board members/upper classman. The goal of this program would be to get these students prepared for leadership roles in their future. I would also like to strengthen the ties between the ICSSC and the other ICS Organizations by implementing meetings and overall more transparency between the clubs. Lastly, I’d like to expand on the ICS banquet to further recognize undergrads, grads, professors, & ICS Student Organizations. Vote Jonnthan Petote for ICSSC President.”)

Sui Feng XuSui Feng Xu

Running for: President, Vice President of External Affairs, Vice President of Internal Affairs

Dear students,

I’m a first year CS major minoring in Management who is Vice Chair of Corporate Outreach. I’m running to be your ICSSC President, VP of Internal Affairs, or VP of External Affairs. Here are ideas I plan implementing, if elected:

1.Plan one major project per quarter

Execs need a vision to realize one major project per quarter. Here is my plan:

  1. Fall 2016 – Med Appjam
  2. Winter 2017 – Startup Career Fair
  3. Spring 2017 – ICS Day

2.“Member of the month” award

I propose a peer nominated award, existing in Housing, to recognize a general member’s effort.

3.Open member suggestions

I will open an email system for shy members to share their idea.


My qualifications:

  1. Founded and made successful a High School club: I started my High School’s Quiz Bowl club, and helped few teams qualify to nationals.
  2. Bailed a UCI club by organizing events: I bailed the debt of Quiz Bowl at UCI by organizing revenue-generating events.
  3. ICSSC Startup Career Fair, it was me: I proposed a startup career fair that happened on April 25, 2016.


Please vote and tell your friends!


Sui Feng Xu

Vice Chair of Corporate Outreach

Sophie Pebworth

Running for: Vice President of External Affairs, Vice President of Internal Affairs

Hello! My name is Sophie Pebworth and I am a second year Computer Science Major running for Vice President of Internal Affairs and Vice President of External Affairs. I feel very qualified for these positions because I am currently on the exec board of ICSSC as the chair of the Academic and Administrative Affairs committee. What does that mean?! It means that I have experience reaching out and staying in contact with our school’s faculty and alumni, as well as an in-depth knowledge of the administrative needs of this council. I also was a part of the Public Relations Committee for Engineering Student Council and on the cabinet for UCI’s women’s water polo team where I gained even more experience in this area. If elected, I plan to improve the organization and efficiency of the council. I also hope to increase the awareness of our school on campus through events and professional opportunities. The Donald Bren school of ICS is full of incredibly talented and driven students and I would love to be given an opportunity to serve on your student council so that we can showcase your amazing work!

Nicky Huynh

Running for: Project Management Chair, Vice President, Internal Affairs

Hello everyone! My name is Nicky Huynh and I am running for Vice-President of Internal Affairs. I’m a current second-year transfer student and a Computer Science major. I am also currently in ICS Student Council as a member of Student Events. There are a couple of things I would like to push for if I were to be elected, the main one being expansion of the council. I would like to see better retainment of the members we have and an overall expansion in the number of members we have attending meetings. Being in charge of internal affairs, I would also like to build on the relationships ICSSC has with the other ICS organizations. We would achieve this by having a Battle of the ICS Student Organizations. Friendly competitions of Super Smash Bros! League! You name it! Even helping our school by having the organizations have blood drives. Attending and hosting these events would give the organizations points and at the end of the year at our ICS Banquet we would announce the ICS Student Organization of the Year! I would like to strengthen the bonds between the board, the members, & the organizations! Pick Nick for VP!

Yiteng Zhang

Running for: Project Management Chair, Vice President of Internal Affairs

Hello everyone, I’m Yiteng Zhang (Ayden), a second-year Informatics student. I’m currently a Cloud Engineering Intern at Sony, and a UROP fellow. I have been involved in ICSSC for two years and I’m a member of the Project Management committee this year.
One visible problem in ICSSC, especially in the Project Management committee, is the low involvements of students. Based on the feedback from ICS students, the main reason behind is the wide differences in students’ knowledge levels. Therefore, if I’m elected as the Vice President Internal Affairs, or the Project Management Chair, I’ll bring two major changes to ICSSC:
1. Weekly programming workshops. We at ICSSC will invite experienced students to hold programming workshops to help other students gain extra knowledge outside the classroom. For example, I will hold a workshop to demonstrate how to build my Anteater Express Lite mobile app step by step.
2. Directory of ongoing projects. Many ICS students face difficulty finding teammates to work on projects together. Therefore, we will create a directory so that students can post their ongoing projects, their expertise, and their contact information in the ICSSC website. This will provide a convenient way to connect students with similar interests.

Maxime Zaccarin

Running for: Vice President of External Affairs

My name is Maxime Zaccarin, I am a third-year computer science student, and I’m running for Vice President of External Affairs. As current Vice-Chair of Corporate Outreach for the ICS Student Council, and Director of Corporate Outreach for HackUCI, I believe I have the resources and skills to better connect the students, faculty, and organizations in computer science. I want our ICS clubs to be better unified, such that we can work together to host bigger, more frequent events. Having been in a leadership position for two separate clubs, I have seen how successful inter-club collaboration can be. To achieve this goal, I will facilitate communication between the leadership from all the ICS clubs. I would not only improve infrastructure, but also use my networking and communication skills to improve the ICS School’s relationship with companies, as our location in Orange County provides many opportunities to connect with tech companies. My experience in corporate outreach will allow UCI to be more corporately connected than ever. Overall, as Vice President of External Affairs, I will aim to better connect our school wherever possible, so that students may benefit from these relationships, and we can grow as a school and community!

Elise Dang

Running for: Secretary

Hello my fellow ICS students of University of California, Irvine. My name is Elise Dang, and I’m currently a second year Computer Science major. A little bit about me is that I love spending time with family and friends, listening to music (alternative rock/indie rock, Taylor Swift), meeting new people, eating new foods, going to new places, writing, drawing, coding, and watching movies. I am running for secretary of ICS Student Council (ICSSC). No one is running against me, so I think I win by default. I’m currently in charge of the Instagram and Snapchat account of ICSSC (please follow us at ICSSC.UCI), and I help run the Facebook account too (feel free to like our page). If I were to become secretary, I would still love to help out with social media and marketing, but I’d also document meetings through notes and photos. I have experience with taking notes because I used to be a club secretary in high school, and I take notes during lecture. My vision is for the ICS student body to become more connected. Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you all at our events next year. ***Instagram & Snapchat: @ICSSC.UCI***

Ryan Bald

Running for: Treasurer

Hello, my name is Ryan Bald, and I’m re-running for the treasurer position at ICSSC. If re-elected, I will make sure that our club spends our money efficiently.

Pooja Vasudevan

Running for: Corporate Outreach Chair, Treasurer, Secretary

Hello, my name is Pooja Vasudevan. I am a first year ICS student, and I’m running for the position of Corporate Outreach Chair for the 2016 — 2017 school year. I spent two quarters as a representative in the corporate outreach sector of ICSSC. During my time as a representative, I was able to better my networking and communication skills as I contacted a multitude of companies for events that ICSSC was holding, and I was also enabled to ameliorate my multitasking skills. Additionally, I was actively involved within my high school, joining many clubs and holding officer positions in them. I am well acquainted with positions that entail high pressure and great responsibility, so a position as a chair will be a great experience for self-improvement as well. I personally find networking to be something that is fun, and I will make sure I put in my best effort to make sure everything is propagated and executed successfully.
Something I would do if I am elected as the corporate outreach chair is contact as many companies as I can to better expose and advertise ICSSC, and help with funding for the council. I would also make sure to hold fairs and events that help ICS students in UCI, and open the window for greater opportunity and possibilities.
Thanks for your vote!

Karan Kanwar

Running for: Project Management Chair

My name is Karan and I’m a Sophomore CS major from Hong Kong, I’m currently the Corporate Outreach Chair for the Student Council, but I’m interested in being the next Projects Chair, and think I’d make a good one!

I have lots of relevant experience, I’ve been programming for 12 years now, started 2 tech companies, sold one and working on my second. I’ve had a lot of great jobs too, including leading software projects for big corporations like Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and plenty of others where I’ve been part of, lead and managed developer teams.

My vision for projects would be to first focus on teaching using workshops lead by students and industry professionals we have relationships with. Students can pick and choose what they want to work on in small similarly skilled teams, this format builds comradery, maximizes fun and helps drive students to learn/build something amazing in a short period of time. Finally, I’d like to offer students the possibility of turning their hard-work into fundable businesses using my/the school’s connections with investors and business competitions. In short, I want to make projects relevant to students’ careers. Vote for me, Karan, for Projects Chair!

Alyssa Lingad

Running for: Student Events Chair

Hello! My name is Alyssa Lingad and I am running for Student Events Chair of the ICS Student Council. I am currently a second year Computer Science major. I have been in ICSSC since the beginning of the school year. Since then, I have made a handful of friendships. Some of the most amazing, positive people I have met are in ICSSC. The committee welcomed me with open arms and I would like to reach out to anyone in ICS who wants to create these same bonds. If elected, my goal is to retain/increase membership in the club by planning socials each quarter. Moreover, at the beginning of each quarter, I want to plan a club-bonding event, so that us members can see each other passed our committees. Experience-wise, I helped to plan several socials for ICSSC, I have learned what works and what doesn’t. I will use that knowledge to ensure that everyone has a great time. I want to reach out to freshmen, introverts, transfer students, and make them feel comfortable to come out and join this club I am proud to be a member of.
You’ll be glad if you vote Lingad!

Don’t forget to vote!

Available until Friday, May 6, 2016 at 7:00pm

See you at our Week 7 general meeting for our election results as well!

ICSSC Nomination Presentations

On Monday 4/25 those that have submitted interest for running for any positions on the ICSSC Executive Board for 2016-2017 will be presenting for all interested during our meeting. Feel free to come and bring others who are also interested to hear what the candidates have to say for their vision of ICSSC. It is one of our most important meetings of the year. Monday’s Meeting is at 6PM located in ICS2 110 (Kay Lab).

ICSSC Committee Meetings – Schedule

ICSSC Committee Meeting times have been posted on the ICS Calendar here.

Committee Meetings are weekly from Week 2 – 9 for the Winter Quarter.

ICS Students interested in joining a committee as a member or mentor are encouraged to come and visit us at any of our meetings. Information on how to join Council’s official roster will be posted on our website this week.

Mac Lab Information

The lab is located in ICS2, Room 110.

Access to the Kay Family Foundation Innovation Lab will be granted on a quarterly basis to students in a Bren School of ICS major. Students must request access from the Bren School facilities via, specifying Mary Stasik as Supervisor. Access to the lab is 7am to 10pm daily. Access will expire at the end of each quarter.

Important Guidelines:

  • Students are not to open the door for unauthorized users, at the risk of losing room privileges for a full quarter. Students are not to prop the door open, at the risk of losing room privileges permanently.
  • Food or drinks (including water) are not allowed in the lab, and anybody found with food/drink in the room will lose room privileges for a full quarter.

The lab will be monitored via periodic checks by ICS Student Council members who helped design the lab and develop these policies. The ICS Student Council has been tasked with supporting the Bren School in its enforcement of these rules.

More information about the Mac Lab is available here.

ICSSC Week 1 General Meeting

Invite your ICS friends!! TONIGHT at 7pm Room DBH 6011. All ICS students are eligible General Members and may attend General Meetings that are every other odd week this quarter. Want to get more involved? Become a member of one of our four Committees: Corporate Outreach, Student Events, Faculty Relations (known as AAA), or join our Project Management Committee and learn a new language with a like minded team!

//ICSSC Committee Membership signup forms will be released during our meeting today and be available on our website (if you were unable to make today’s meeting). If you class schedule conflicts with general meetings, you can still get involved and join one of the Committees, which have their own weekly meeting starting Week 2. A schedule of all the committees meeting times will be made available this week on our website.

ICSSC is what you make of it. We facilitate the tools and many opportunities for ICS students to achieve their goals as ICS majors. Whether it be finding a summer internship, networking with professionals, making friends, or developing the next best app—ICSSC alumni leave saying that ICSSC was one of the most rewarding and memorable experiences they had at UCI.

RSVP & More Details:

Med AppJam 2015

Student Signups are now open!

Med AppJam is a two-week long tournament where students from all disciplines come together to form teams and create a fully functional and mobile medical application on the iOS Platform. Apps are judged on various criteria and the top teams are awarded prizes and recognition.

This year, the Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Science will continue their partnership with the UC Irvine School of Medicine to put on this amazing event. Additionally, we are introducing the addition of Nursing Students in UCI’s Program in Nursing Science to further incorporate medical needs and awareness for useful medical applications into this year’s Med AppJam.

Click here to go to the Med AppJam Website.