Dalton KraatzHello ICS! My name is Dalton Kraatz, and I am the new treasurer for the School of ICS’s Student Council.

As treasurer, its my duty to make sure that everyone who wins prizes at ICSSC competitions get their prizes on time, as well as making sure we have budgets and money to pay for the events. The cost of things from food to venue to even the very popular ICS Day dunk tank gets handled by treasurers like me.

In addition to payments, I also manage fundraising for future events. If any of you remember the delicious Nutella Pumpkin Cheesecakes we had in Fall Quarter last year, I will be in charge of organizing and running those events. I want to have more delicious treats on campus to enjoy all year round. We live in a boba central, and I’m sure everyone’s tired of hearing about and drinking watery $2 boba all year. Lets do something fresh, like Peppermint Hot Chocolate at Christmas or refreshing lemonades before Winter finals! Lets change as our classes do, and as the mercury rises and falls its 2 degrees a year.

But, my goal is to connect students to their dreams. When I first started at Student Council, I was skeptic. I started my first year going to about 5 clubs a week, but at the end, I learned more from ICSSC than any other club out there. I hope that you all do as well, and find a passion in something unexpected! I hope that with this change in leadership and student body, the school grows in notoriety as the school that connects people to their passions.

So, study up, write a plan, make an app, meet a new company, or learn something new with us this year! We always have our doors open to everyone, not just those inside ICS!

Have a wonderful summer, and we hope to see you at the Anteater Involvement Fair!