Sanjith Venkatesh & Priyanka Saba – Co-Presidents

Sanjith Venkatesh and Priyanka Saba have been involved with the ICS club scene throughout their time here at UCI. Both Sanjith and Priyanka first started in the Undergraduate Data Science Association where they were responsible for organizing workshops and company talks for data science enthusiasts. They moved on and won the elections to become the Project’s Chairman and the Vice President of the ICS Student Council in their second year here at UCI. During their time as board members of the ICS Student Council, they transformed the club pushing it out from the depths of obscurity to providing hope and opportunity for those who wanted to join and be a part of the club. Priyanka was instrumental in rebuilding the connections between the club with both other clubs on campus as well as with the industry, working closely with the current president as well as the different committees and establishing the ICSSC as a major ICS club here at UCI. She also oversaw the creation of several new committees, such as Academic and Alumni Affairs and Public Relations. Sanjith worked on creating workshops and forming a team to work on projects that will help UCI as a whole including ZotFlow. Sanjith was also a Co-Founder and currently Co-President of Blockchain at UCI that has already garnered major speakers and audiences in their few months of existence. Through their combined experiences, Priyanka and Sanjith want to work on changing the ICS Student Council to be an organization that reaches out to all ICS clubs to provide resources and to bridge the gap between academia and the industry. Together, Priyanka and Sanjith will lead the way to making UCI a premiere CS school where all ICS students are part of a big community.


Dexin Kong – President

My name is Dexin Kong. I am a senior currently studying computer science. I started my early childhood in China, before moving to the Midwestern U.S., then the South, and finally Irvine. Throughout my life, I have met countless different individuals, all with their own backgrounds and cultures. I came to UCI to meet more and more diverse people from different places, and my time here at the UCI has helped me discover that though we all have different origins, we all come here to achieve two goals, learn and grow.

Passively, we learn. Every day, we learn passively through events around us and code exposed to us. In the recent Hack UCI, my team and I spent hours trying to connect the frontend of our website to the backend databases, and in the process, we learned that beyond us, many people out there know how to write in JavaScript, how to write in SQL, but do not know how to connect them together. As president, I want ICSSC to help me help you learn actively, to provide more events that can broaden our knowledge beyond the school curriculum, events focused on teaching and learning. To learn, actively.

Actively, we grow. Every time we create a new project, finish writing the last bit of code, or finally find the last missing semicolon in our code, we grow as an individual. However, working through overflowing lines of code everyday fatigues us from working on fun, creative projects that interest us. As president, I want ICSSC to help me help you grow passively, to provide resources that you can access even when we are not holding an event. I want ICSSC to be a resource students can come to when they need help realizing their dreams. To grow, passively.


Tiffany Nguyen – VP of External Affairs

Hello! My name is Tiffany Nguyen and I am a second year Computer Science major running for VP of External Affairs. As the Academic and Alumni Affairs Chair for the ICS Student Council this past year, I have successfully planned the Med AR App Jam and laid the foundation for a high school mentorship program. Next year, I hope to reorganize the structure of the council and make our activities more efficient. If elected, I will advocate for the following actions: 

  • The creation of a concrete list of responsibilities (for both chairs and members).
  • Greater interaction between ICS clubs.
  • More emphasis on corporate outreach activities, such as hosting company workshops and events.

From my previous roles in this council, WICS, and Model United Nations, I hope to create a better experience for all ICS majors here at UCI. Thank you


Cleider Gomez – VP of Internal Affairs

Hello, my name is Cleider Gomez and I am running for the position of Vice President of Internal Affairs. I am currently secretary of ICSSC and know that with my new acquired knowledge of how ICSSC is ran, I am more than ready for VP of Internal Affairs. This position is in charge of general communications inside the council, member retention, and helping the president with their duties. Being on board this year I learned how the club is ran, and what it takes to have a great year for ICSSC from first-hand experiences. I am directly helping the current chairs and president with more than just secretarial duties. As VP of Internal Affairs, I know that I would be able to help with communication within the board, use past experiences to plan for the most success and assure that the clubs plans are being executed. I hope to make ICSSC more of a Student Council for CS at UCI and do more for all of the ICS organizations. ICSSC holds a certain responsibility representing the school of ICS at UCI by highlighting great individuals, great organizations, and being a resource for students at UCI. Vote me Cleider Gomez as Vice President of Internal Affairs.