Google Web Hacks

February 28th - March 1st, 2015

5151 California Avenue Suite 100 Irvine, CA

Hosted by ICS Student Council



Congratulations to the winners of Google Web Hacks!

1st PLACE: AuthorViz

Dakuo Wang, James Vinh, Trung Nguyen (The Makers)

AuthorViz is a Google Chrome extension that color codes who wrote what in your Google Doc with the click of a button. Unlike the existing Revision History feature, AuthorViz displays the entire history at once rather than one revision at a time.

2nd PLACE: Flashcards

Erick Kusnadi, Ziliver(Zichao) Yuan, Edward Wu

Google Spreadsheets add-on to help make easy flash cards. Not only does it provide a delightful user interface for studying and quizzing yourself, it also has analytical tools to help you see your performance, and spot your trouble areas.

3rd PLACE: Prelog

Sam Chakrabarty, Calvin Choi

A contextual web reader for Google Docs.


ICS Student Council at UC Irvine is hosting their first ever Google Web Hacks! Participants will have 24 hours to create a web platform based application that utilizes various Google technologies, from Google Apps Script to the Go programming language. This is the perfect opportunity for those interested in web development and Google technologies to learn and build something new!


What technologies are we allowed to use?

You are free to use any sort of technologies that you find necessary to make your application. However, you are required to use at least one of the Google technologies listed below, and your application must be centered around it. Remember, this is supposed to be a web based application, so using Google technologies like Android is not allowed.

What if I don't know how to use these technologies?

That's fine! The hackathon will be a great environment for jumping right into learning how to code something using Google's technologies. Plus, you're surrounded by new coders and veterans alike, so make some friends and get coding!

What are the prizes?

The grand prize will be a tour of Google's Irvine campus!

How do I get to the event?

The venue is located at 5151 California Street Suite 100 Irvine, CA. We may be able to provide transportation from the UCI campus to the venue.

Do I need to have a team ready?

No, you don't. There will be other individuals there who don't have teams, so you'll be able to mingle and meet some new people to work on a project together. We'll have some time before the competition starts for team formation.

What do I need to bring?

Yourself, your computer, and anything else you need to start coding! Feel free to bring extra clothes, sleeping bags, etc.

Will food be provided?

Yes, food will be provided throughout the competition.

What if I can't stay the whole event?

That's fine. However, you will be expected to provide your own transportation.

I have more questions.

Feel free to contact us here.


The following are some of the Google technologies that can be used. You must use at least one Google-related web technology in your application. If you have any questions, please contact us here.

Click the images to learn more!

Google Developers

Google Apps Script

Google App Engine

Google Closure

Go Programming Language

and more!


Last updated: 2/27/15

  • Saturday February 28th @ 9 AM

    Competition Kickoff

    We'll introduce the competition and you'll be able to form teams and start brainstorming.

  • Sunday March 1st @ 9 AM

    Judging begins!

    After judging, winners will be announced and prizes will be distributed! The event will end around 10:30 AM.

Time Event
8:30-9:00 AM Participants Arrive
First 100 people to check-in will get swag bags!
9:00 AM Opening Ceremony. Competition Begins!
12:00 PM Lunch
~1:00-3:00 PM Google Engineer Workshop
~6:00-7:00 PM Dinner
SWAG GIVEAWAYS! Winners will be randomly chosen from sign-in form, so be sure to sign in!
~8:00-9:00 AM Breakfast
9:00-10:30 AM Judging Ceremony! Winners are announced and prizes are distributed.

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