The ICSSC Bonfire proved to be not only a fun networking experience between clubs and for ICSSC, but also a great opportunity to introduce to prospective members new clubs! Each and every ICS-affiliated club organization was able to have a few minutes of everyone’s time around the warm bonfire to speak about the purpose and goals of their club, and every person there was able to listen to the wonderful extracurricular opportunities that our ICS school has to offer. Shout-out to Kristen Courtney for starting the Design@UCI club, with their first ever official meeting on TUESDAY OCTOBER 10, 2017 IN SSL 140 at 7PM!

Although the clouds were a bit cloudy that day, everyone’s attitude was definitely bright and bubbly. Bonding through the struggle of finding hot dog sausages and buns, warming up their hot dog sausages, and creating the impossibly-perfect s’mores, everyone’s belly and heart was surely filled with good food and shared laughter. Additionally, with music playing in the background and the soothing sounds of the waves crashing, it was no surprise that the event lasted for nearly 4 hours.

Thanks again everyone for coming out to the event! We hope that you had lots of fun, and also look forward to seeing you at future events!

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