ICSSC Committee Meeting times have been posted on the ICS Calendar here.

Committee Meetings are weekly from Week 2 – 9 for the Winter Quarter.

ICS Students interested in joining a committee as a member or mentor are encouraged to come and visit us at any of our meetings. Information on how to join Council’s official roster will be posted on our website this week.

Mac Lab Information

The lab is located in ICS2, Room 110.

Access to the Kay Family Foundation Innovation Lab will be granted on a quarterly basis to students in a Bren School of ICS major. Students must request access from the Bren School facilities via keys.ics.uci.edu, specifying Mary Stasik as Supervisor. Access to the lab is 7am to 10pm daily. Access will expire at the end of each quarter.

Important Guidelines:

  • Students are not to open the door for unauthorized users, at the risk of losing room privileges for a full quarter. Students are not to prop the door open, at the risk of losing room privileges permanently.
  • Food or drinks (including water) are not allowed in the lab, and anybody found with food/drink in the room will lose room privileges for a full quarter.

The lab will be monitored via periodic checks by ICS Student Council members who helped design the lab and develop these policies. The ICS Student Council has been tasked with supporting the Bren School in its enforcement of these rules.

More information about the Mac Lab is available here.

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