ICSSC Big Bear TripHello everyone!

I am Dalton Kraatz, a 3rd year Computer Science major (specializing in both Algorithms and Information), and your 2015-2016 ICS Student Council Vice-President.

I have been an active ICSSC member since about my 3rd week of freshman year. I regret not going sooner because I’ve made so many friends. I’ve been involved with Projects for a long time, but as a returning executive, I began to see value in each committee. I enjoy how strongly our groups discuss their work, and when new members join we all help them fit in. The same happened for me as a freshman. When I brought some of my classmates in, they too began to see why I love going to Student Council.

There are also some benefits I have reaped from being an active member. I’ve gotten a couple jobs via ICSSC. I’ve made so many memories and had so many experiences with ICSSC. I’ve gone on trips and played fun games with ICSSC. I learned to speak in front of crowds easily. I know I have people who can help me think and program at a higher level. ICSSC gave me life-long friends and lessons, guidance for future classes and advice on how to better myself as an ICS student. With each person I meet, I want to convey how much my college experience has been blessed with organizational involvement within ICS.

As Vice President of ICSSC, I’m primarily focused on the higher level of management. Brandon and I work with all of the executive members and discuss events and preparations for said events. A major event I have had my effort in has been Med App Jam. As a freshman, I helped determine the strength of each candidate in the contest. As a sophomore and as the treasurer for ICSSC, I was handling a lot of the budgeting and event planning. Now, I’m almost running the event, because the event cannot be done without the UCI Medical School, all of our corporate partners, and you students who partake and learn during these events. I’ve also helped in last year’s ICS Consortium scavenger hunt, and the all-time favorite: ICS Day! I deal with a lot of other events too, and we’re working hard to bring more amazing things to you all.

But, beyond that, I like to hang out. I go to festivals, amusement parks, and events with family and friends. I like cooking at home, and trying to replicate dishes I try at restaurants. I play video games on my spare time. This ranges from Pokemon main series to spinoffs to Square Enix classics. If I have a lot more ample time, I play Infinity Wars (a DCCG), Fractured Space, Supernova and/or DOTA II, and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, where I am maining bow and loving it. My current personal plan is to finish building my own PC that started with an MSI Z97i Mini ITX board I won through the Zotcade Staff Raffle my freshman year. I just need my Intel i7-4790k, graphics card, and monitor before I transition gaming off my laptop. I also love to read and write. It is always fun to come up with new worlds to explore (or destroy) for hours on end. If the moment is right, I try to take a picture from time to time. Though most of them might not make sense, I am often fascinated by sunsets and light reflecting off of surfaces.

The personal goals I have vary much like light passing through a prism. As a student, I want to learn as much as I can, and raise my GPA while doing so. As a coder, I yearn to develop something amazing, and finish the projects from my past. But, as a gamer, I always want to improve my skills in challenging situations and complete games at 100%.


Let’s create something amazing together.