Invite your ICS friends!! TONIGHT at 7pm Room DBH 6011. All ICS students are eligible General Members and may attend General Meetings that are every other odd week this quarter. Want to get more involved? Become a member of one of our four Committees: Corporate Outreach, Student Events, Faculty Relations (known as AAA), or join our Project Management Committee and learn a new language with a like minded team!

//ICSSC Committee Membership signup forms will be released during our meeting today and be available on our website (if you were unable to make today’s meeting). If you class schedule conflicts with general meetings, you can still get involved and join one of the Committees, which have their own weekly meeting starting Week 2. A schedule of all the committees meeting times will be made available this week on our website.

ICSSC is what you make of it. We facilitate the tools and many opportunities for ICS students to achieve their goals as ICS majors. Whether it be finding a summer internship, networking with professionals, making friends, or developing the next best app—ICSSC alumni leave saying that ICSSC was one of the most rewarding and memorable experiences they had at UCI.

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