Wow… Eight weeks in…

We get a half week (whether it is good or bad, that is up to you).

Quarter is almost over… (That means finals… but also Winter Holiday!)

Thanksgiving marks a 4-day weekend (and shopping sprees!)…

Cyber Monday is right after… (Got to get those gaming computer parts super cheap!)


And looking back, we here at ICS have done so much!


As treasurer, I oversee a lot of fund movement. Though it seems that my job is easy, I’ve been working over the summer about our Fall events to ensure ICSSC’s perfectly planned. And I have to say, thus far, we’ve done pretty well. But this is where you (as someone involved, or wanting to get involved with ICS clubs) can take a good look at ICS through my eyes.

Companies believing in what we do sponsor our events, bringing in much-needed funds for things such as Reverse Career Fair or Med AppJam or Web AppJam or ICS Day. The checks Will and his team brings in ultimately come to me, who deposits them and checks off that one more sponsorship is in the books.

We turn that money into student events. Adrian does a lot of the nitty gritty planning, but I still get to look over the final tab to know if Student Council might have trouble. Everything from tables and catering (or pizza and churros) to the posters and fake checks and whatever else we need he makes sure we get! Adrian sends me the receipts, and I process those so everyone else knows things are in motion for events.

Austin is working really hard to make post-ICS life seem plausible. With getting ICS people to find time to talk about their work and connecting with teachers to organize coffee time, he’s always busy, and it is my job to allocate funds towards snacks that will bring you all in!

Phil is the mastermind in making sure the event rules run smooth. His team of project developers create various items and ideas needed to sustain events. All competitions, and the fine-tuned ICSSC events for ICS Day come from his committee’s efforts. What we should expect in the future is best left for him to answer.

I always report to Delian and Stephanie when money gets moved around. They ask me questions if its possible to expand prize pools, hand out larger prizes, or what prizes might be feasible with the funds remaining after the majority of an event is planned. When it comes to making a face for ICS, Delian stands up and Stephanie makes sure things get done.

I also cannot forget Franklin, the records extraordinaire of ICSSC. He makes sure the minutes are made, the weekly email gets sent, and still helps out in the committees when possible. He constantly reminds us at ICSSC that ICS clubs are not constrained to ICS majors, but exist for all of UCI as a whole.



But, beyond carrying the ones all the time, I love most when I see things get happen in ICS. It might not be part of my job, but I feel its an implied responsibility as a Student Council executive to reach out and ask how I can help make another club’s offerings better!

WICS is always doing their best to help the female minority in ICS hold their ground. And not only do they do an amazing job at that, they get the guys a bit jealous of their handiwork. (Did you see some of the ICS Scavenger hunt posters? I was certainly jealous!) Their events remind ICS that code knows no gender (unless the class design calls for it), and that all are equal behind a monitor.

ACM is another great group to hang out with. They might seem a bit strange at first, but once you get past the O(n^3) complexity of how to start a conversation, they have great stories to tell, and are quite the busy bunch at every meeting. I personally regret not going to more meetings just to talk to them and see what problems five people circle around to tackle as a team.

VGDC is like a mad-scientist’s lab, except instead of eyeballs in jars, they have computer parts and video games everywhere. I love stopping by every so often because they talk games and love to do it! They’re also accepting DRM Humble Bundles, so create a pass-it-forward with any games you can offer! You might even pick up a great game off a DRM trade!

IEEE is always running more hardware than software, but it doesn’t mean they’re not creating something cool. They’ve been running Audrino workshops for the past couple weeks. While it is an extra cost to their initial membership fee, I know its always good to get some DIY projects under your belt. And at the end of the year, they run THE BEST LAN PARTY ON CAMPUS. (Seriously. I had so much fun I was sick until the end of the quarter.)

Last, but not certainly least, we have MAISS, our bridge between the business world and our binary one. MAISS works just as hard as every other club, and it shows in their events. From our MAISS-ICSSC Capgemini session to their various members-only events and open-invitation workshops, there is always something new happening. Recently they all saw Big Hero 6 as one large club, and soon they’ll be visiting Blizzard’s Headquarters in Irvine. If it weren’t for the fact I have a job and class during their tour, I would be one of the first to sign up to go.


ICSSC also has a lot of work ahead of itself. We’re still incubating workshops, looking for more companies to come and speak out, more fun outings for you to enjoy, and more competitions to learn and grow from. I can’t give too many details now, but keep posted for what is coming up.


TL;DR: ICS is my (future’s) home here at UCI. What teachers can’t give me in the classroom, ICS clubs offer in companionship, mentorship, and corporate connections.The least I can do is give each club its due, for without their variety adding to ICS, I doubt many people would give up after the first few intro courses.

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Delian Petrov · November 24, 2014 at 10:42 pm

wow dude! Really good article and well done! Makes sense of why we are all working our butts off!

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