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Ryan Bald – Treasurer

I’m a 2nd year Computer Science Engineering major from San Jose who likes to play basketball and watch movies in his free time.

Brandon Hastings – President, Vice President, Corporate Outreach Chair, Project Management Chair

I am a 3rd year Business Information Management major with executive experience managing small IT based companies. I’m an avid gamer and founder of a large gaming organization where I lead the staff operations for several divisions in various multiplayer games. I have substantial industry domain knowledge with IT Systems and Administration crossed with Business Management. As a multi-business owner and leader of a gaming organization, I have gained a lot of relatable experience getting people to come together and I’ve learned what it takes to create and manage future ICSSC events. I hope to become ICSSC President and innovate new helpful and exciting events for ICS students.

 Karan Kanwar – Corporate Outreach Chair

Description coming soon.

Dalton Kraatz – President, Vice President, Project Management Chair

I am a second year Computer Science major, with declared specializations in Information and Algorithms. I love practical information, and creating things that are useful in everyday life.
I’ve been involved with ICS Student Council very early on in my UCI career, and am often an advocate for other ICS students to become active in a club when possible. I’ve been a member of the ICSSC project “EventsICS”, a QRC event registration and check-in system, for two years, and have made a lot of friends through developing that project. I am also the ICS Student Council Treasurer, Historian, and Student Events chair. In short, I am very involved with the day-to-day of ICSSC.
I am also working on my own personal project that is similar to “Athena”, a Monster Hunter Armor set creator, but focuses more on weapons and beginner assistance. Monster Hunter was a passion germinated with the assistance of a close friend, but nurtured by a welcoming, dedicated, and online community. Through this project, I practice my language skills and also hope to give back to new players of Monster Hunter so they are not lost in the mountain of new skills present in each game’s iteration.

Next year, I hope to make Student Council more accessible to all students and ICS clubs, and further engage the conversation on how to best present ICS clubs to students who could benefit from the ever-present conversations outside the classroom.

Chan Woo Park – Project Management Chair, Student Events Chair

I am a first year computer science student, and an active member of the project management group in the ICS Student Council for the past year. I’ve been interested in working on technical projects since high school, and this initiated me to join the ICS Student Council in hopes of using my skills to create cool things. Throughout this year I’ve collaborated on several projects for the club, and have raised an awareness of managing and developing such works. As a new member of the Student Council Board I would like to expand my capabilities by planning on works of greater scales and inducing a strong motivation between project developers, as well as hosting more academic, social events that can benefit the student body.

Sophie Pebworth – Academic and Administrative Affairs (AAA) Chair

I am a first-year Computer Science and Engineering Major and I am running for Academic and Administrative Affairs Chair. In high school I was team captain of my school’s water polo and swim team. In that position I learned management skills, and gained experience facilitating relationships between the coach and students. I also was the founder of the my school’s water polo team and french club. In that position I gained experience recruiting and became comfortable walking up to people I don’t know and starting a conversation. I am a naturally gregarious person who loves sports and computers. Vote for me for AAA chair and I promise to make this coming school year fantastic to the best of my abilities!

Ziliver (Zichao) Yuan – Corporate Outreach, Project Management Chair

I am a freshman ICS student. I have been working for Corporate Outreach department since last year. I negotiated with Pariveda Solutions and helped them hold a workshop about Machine Learning this quarter. I hope to lead the Corporate Outreach department and to build more connections with tech companies for ICS Student Council next year.

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ICS Day 2015

Official Site:

Remember dunk tanking Professor Shannon Alfaro? Like the cool demos showcasing awesome tech (that are unavailable to us poor students)? ICS Day 2015 is bringing all of that back and more! ICS Student Council, ACM, MAISS, VGDC, and WICS are proud to present one of the biggest ICS events — back for a third year, ICS Day celebrates the awesome field of Information and Computer Science!

We will have food, drinks, performances, coding competitions, a selfie booth, sweet raffle prizes, and more!

Keep an eye out for the sign up form a week before the event! The first 200 people to sign up will receive a free ICS Day shirt.

In the meantime, become a part of this awesome day by volunteering! All volunteers get a limited edition ICS Day shirt 😉 You can sign up to volunteer here:

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Apply for ICSSC’s 1516 Executive Board

[Nominations end THIS FRIDAY (4/24)]

Want to make some changes in ICS? Want to become more involved and present in the changes at the school? Have a passion for working with other students and corporations to make big events happen?
Be part of greatness in the making!

Apply for ICSSC’s 2015-2016 Executive Board!

Announcements for all positions will be held between Week 2 and 4 with an online form, and speeches for those running for office will be during the Week 5 meeting. Elections will open up right after speeches are made.


Ready. Set. Go:

Nominate yourself or a friend for an ICS Student Council position:

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Google@UCI & ICSSC Present Google WebHacks

Google WebHacks (24-hour hackathon) is coming THIS SATURDAY @ 9am.


Presented by Google@UCI & ICS Student Council, participants will have 24 hours to create a web platform based application that utilizes various Google technologies, from Google Apps Script to the Go programming language.

This is the perfect opportunity for those interested in web development and Google technologies to learn and build something new!

WHAT: Google WebHacks
WHEN: Sat. Feb. 28 (9:00am) – Sun. Mar. 1 (9:00am)
WHERE: 5151 California Avenue Suite # 100, Irvine CA

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Week 10: Lessons

HELLO ICS SCHOOL & everyone else that’s reading these,

How much I miss these editorial style blogs since the days of my high-school Edit0r-in-Chief years. These past 10 weeks, for me, were really difficult as President of ICS Student Council. We certainly had our peak events — Reverse Career Fair and Med AppJam — thrive and saw an improvement but it was surprisingly insane how much time juggling needed to go on. Between school, job, interviews, girlfriend, home, life, this quarter was definitely the boss-level that everyone loves to finish and beat.

I think I beat it, but I’m beat myself.

You know the moment when you think that everything is falling apart, when you’re not sleeping well and waking up feeling restless, and suddenly you realize that all the pieces are falling in place. After months of work, things are settling in. I experienced this over and over and over again with ICS Student Council. Case in point we worked on Med AppJam since July and yet the night before the judging ceremony, Stephanie and I were up ’til 11:00pm frantically trying to get last minute details done. How is it possible to be working on an event for 3 months and still not have everything covered? I don’t think it was bad planning, I think it was passion and excitement to flawlessly lead a great event. In order to keep sanity, you have to balance perfection with reality. The big day came and everything panned out fantastically and we had great reaction yet again from the audience and the participants. Then the feeling sets in: the unexplained reason that justifies all the countless worries that you’ve had trying to make something happen.

That’s why I’m in ICS Student Council: I love that feeling. And I have my board members and the ICSSC general members to thank for that feeling. Thank you Adrian, Austin, Dalton, Franklin, Phil, Will, and especially Stephanie. Without all of you ICS Student Council would literally collapse!

Happy Holidays everyone, kick butt on finals, and see you all in 2015!

All the best,

Delian Petrov

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Week 9: The Calm Before the Storm

Hello everyone!
It’s week 9, and you know what that means…


(kind of)


All jokes aside, I hope your turkey day went well! But now we’re in a weird place – the limbo between recovering from food comas and empty wallets (Cyber Monday isn’t over yet and I just ordered a bunch of stuff from Amazon oh no..) and the panic of finals. With the quarter winding down, I wanted to reflect a little on how the quarter went, and share some things with you that I have discovered along the way.


This quarter was probably one of the toughest for me, in terms of workload. Between ICS Student Council, work, research, and classes, I barely had any time for myself. I thought I was finally getting a hang of my time management, and looking back on this quarter (and looking toward the next two weeks), I’ve realized that I still don’t know how to properly manage my time, leading to a lot of sleepless nights and stressful days. There have been many times throughout the quarter where I would just ask myself, “why are you doing all of this?” And today, I have my answer. But let me tell you something else first.


One of the questions I’ve asked myself constantly, from last year (when I joined ICSSC) to now is this – why do I want to play a role in ICSSC? Why do I attend the weekly meetings and participating in putting on these (amazing) events? There aren’t any direct incentives to participating in ICSSC – there’s no academic credit, no money (although putting ICS Student Council on your resume does catch an employer’s eye sometimes). So why?


Here’s my answer: because student council constantly challenges me to become a better leader, student, professional, and individual. I’ll admit, I didn’t even notice these things until recently. The anxiety I used to have when sending e-mails to companies and professors, my inability to talk and be myself around new people – these are all gone (well, mostly). I can honestly say that ICS Student Council has given me skills that I will use for the rest of my life. I’ve also met amazing people that encourage me and make me want to become better.


So when you are studying for finals and stressing about your grades, I just want to remind you that everything you are doing and everything you are going through is going to help you become a better version of you. Oh, and you know how I said earlier how I suck at time management? Well, I’m getting better at it each day.


Wow, this has been an extremely cheesy post. You might be wondering – how does this apply to you? Well, as ICS students, I’d like to think that we have a secret advantage – we can make our ideas come to life, sometimes almost instantaneously. Do you want to learn a new programming language? Make your own website? Become the CEO of a startup? Do something amazing?


Go. Do it.
But maybe start studying for your finals first.

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The Week 8 Relive; A Day in the Life of a Treasurer

Wow… Eight weeks in…

We get a half week (whether it is good or bad, that is up to you).

Quarter is almost over… (That means finals… but also Winter Holiday!)

Thanksgiving marks a 4-day weekend (and shopping sprees!)…

Cyber Monday is right after… (Got to get those gaming computer parts super cheap!)


And looking back, we here at ICS have done so much!


As treasurer, I oversee a lot of fund movement. Though it seems that my job is easy, I’ve been working over the summer about our Fall events to ensure ICSSC’s perfectly planned. And I have to say, thus far, we’ve done pretty well. But this is where you (as someone involved, or wanting to get involved with ICS clubs) can take a good look at ICS through my eyes. (more…)

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Week 8 Blog Post

Hey Everyone,

It’s the start of week 8 already, hopefully you finish up the rest of your midterms this week and look forward to Thanksgiving Break. Since finals are coming soon, I want to talk about managing your time and finishing this quarter strong.

This quarter I’m taking 5 classes, while doing MedAppJam, so finals seems so distant from now, but after Thanksgiving Break, they’ll be here in an instant. Keep working hard, and don’t let your foot off the pedal and push through finals for a relaxing Christmas Break.

One current event that has been bothering most of us, the students, is the bill to raise UC tuition by 5% for each of the next 5 years. I, for one, am not satisfied with the concept of increasing tuition, when education should be more encouraged, and not discouraged. With a weakening demand of labor and high unemployment, education becomes even more important, but the price of education keeps increasing. Although, this bill is already passed, our duty as students is to raise awareness to these political figures in preventing another tuition raise in the future.

Thanks for reading my blog post and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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